Project Design for Fundraisers

As trust fundraisers, we rarely have control over the design or delivery of the projects/services for which we are raising necessary income. Nevertheless, we still need to gather as much information as we can to complete our proposals and applications so they make sense and are an inviting opportunity for funders in which to invest

Lessons from a seasoned freelance fundraiser

A version of this was first published on the UK Fundraising website in 2015. In 2023 I am updating my thoughts!  What hasn’t changed is that I am approached regularly by people who are about to take the plunge (or perhaps already recently have) to seek my advice...

We don’t work on commission

We do not work on a commission basis. Nor do any fundraisers who follow the Fundraising Code of Practice as laid out by the Fundraising Regulator. Beyond compliance, there are many reasons for this: the incentive for fundraisers to apply undue pressure to potential...

Thank. Your. Donors.

A personal tale by Beth Upton of the time she said to a charity “don’t worry about thanking me” and then got cross when they listened to her and did not thank her. Always say thank you.

Failure to ask: a cautionary tale

I took a brief sabbatical at the end of 2015 – two months to step away from my life and experience some very different places, cultures, lifestyles. The trip was planned around a volunteering project where I’d get to ethically hangout with my all time top...