We work with charities to set up and grow fundraising from trusts, companies and wealthy individuals for capital appeals and revenue streams. We are fundraising practitioners as well as consultants. We specialise in kick-starting new programmes.

We offer expert consultancy, training and delivery through our network of expert fundraisers, copywriters and specialist researchers who work across the UK.


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Moneytree fund raising

We specialise in high-value

We know that building and maintaining meaningful relationships is key in high value fundraising. This is the core of our expertise,
which we adapt to take a different approach to each of our core areas of operation.

What clients say about us


“It’s been a pleasure to work with Beth Upton. Beth herself really took the time to understand our needs and very quickly identified more than one candidate who could come in, hit the ground running and do the job that needed doing…”

Lesley Dewhurst

“Using Money Tree Fundraising to work with our Senior Management and Trustees really engaged them in our major donor programme, which is accelerating quicker than it would have without their buy-in”

The Money Tree Fundraising workshop was enlightening and useful, particularly in that it gave the senior team at Forum for the Future the chance to question each step and really understand the value of the process. Beth gave us plenty of practical takeaways so that we are able to manage the programme’s development well.”

Deborah Ball, Forum for the Future


“Mike is clear and easy to work with. We have felt understood as an organisation and are continuing to work through the plan and with the dedicated trust fundraiser provided by Money Tree Fundraising.”

Tine Grear, International Health Partners

“Money Tree Fundraising helped us review and plan our fundraising strategy, ensuring that we remain a lean and efficient organisation. Their feedback enabled us to become more externally-focused and see which potential sources of income were most viable for us.”

Alex Harris, International Health Partners

“At Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) our challenge is always the uncertainty of when the next emergency will hit. Money Tree Fundraising was great at understanding our needs and the unique way we work. They quickly helped us understand our major donor fundraising potential and provided valuable insights into our strengths and the areas that we could develop. More than that, they provided us with a really practical action plan that was sensitive to the capacity and resources we have available.”

Lisa Robinson, Disaster Emergency Committee

“The report the Money Tree Fundraising delivered in reviewing our capital fundraising options was thorough, honest and backed up with several spreadsheets and papers of analysis to demonstrate the work that went into it. This is exactly what I needed to present to my trustees to help us make big decisions about our future options. Beth is personable as well as instantly knowledgeable and was available to answer any questions I or my trustees had through the process. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Beth and her team.”

Gary Wheway, RSPCA Leicester

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