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We specialise in high-value

We know that building and maintaining meaningful relationships is key in high value fundraising. This is the core of our expertise,
which we adapt to take a different approach to each of our core areas of operation.

The Major Donor Scorecard

Assess your major donor programme, or readiness to start one.
At Money Tree Fundraising, we know what it really takes to get a successful major donor programme underway.

We have developed this scorecard through working with dozens of organisations setting up a major donor programme for the first time. If you’ve not yet started major donor fundraising then this scorecard will give you a sense of what it’ll take for your organisation to get started.

If you have started major donor fundraising then this scorecard will show you where to focus your efforts to improve your programme.

– Free to download
– 20 questions
– Results in 5 minutes



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