The Elephant Group

Trust Fundraising Support


The Brief:

The Elephant Group (TEG), a small, recently registered charity, addresses the issue of fair access to top UK universities by students from non-selective schools. Formed by headteachers and partnered by these universities, they build knowledge and resources into the schools to support academically able students to achieve their aspirations, attainment and access to top universities. With their initial cohort having just left 6th Form and strong admission results the charity was looking to scale up their programme into schools around England. They had received some funding from the universities and the Department for Education and were looking to expand their fundraising efforts and resources to external, charitable trusts and foundations.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising’s team offered strategic advice as well as resources and documents to get their trust fundraising programme off the ground. With only two members of staff they lacked the capacity and experience specific to navigate this income stream. A comprehensive case for support and two core funding applications were developed for their expanding programme. The former provides TEG with all of the information a funder might request in a clear format which can be used directly to develop new targeted applications. The core applications also become templates for other similar proposals and help to make the trust fundraising process more efficient for such a small team.

Difference Made:

While they are still waiting on the outcomes of these initial bids, they have learnt a lot. This includes how to present information (including financial budgets) and approach different funders, and how the fundraising landscape operates – no two funders are the same!


Two applications were sent in, one was unsuccessful and one is pending.

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“Thank you to Cat [Money Tree Fundraising Associate] for her patience and pragmatic approach. She was always happy to offer advice on the small and big things.”

Laura Compton