Our CEO Beth Upton has worked in fundraising for 15 years and is regularly frustrated by the income opportunities not being taken advantage of by charities, large and small.

The options available for charities for raising money can feel overwhelming and packed full of jargon: high-value, grants, corporate partnerships, acquisition, retention, life-time-value. It can be hard to know where to start and rarely does any charity have a systematic and successful process for raising voluntary income from multiple sources.

In fact, for many smaller charities, it is impossible to assess which types of fundraising might be more or less suitable for them and instead they rule out many opportunities all together.

Seven years ago, this did not sit well with Beth and so she decided to dedicate herself to changing the futures of many charities by helping them achieve their all-important flow of income.

Money Tree Fundraising was born.

Watch Beth talk further about her businesses:

Today we are lucky to have worked with a huge range of clients: building a major donor programme for Disasters Emergency Committee, reviewing the mid-to-high level journey with Centrepoint, conversation and ask training with London’s Air Ambulance, supporting the capital appeal through advice and trust fundraising, support for Thames Hospice and providing outsourced trust fundraising for SeeBeyondBorders.

Over eight months, Money Tree Fundraising worked with SeeBeyondBorders to set up and develop their trusts fundraising. A further three months was spent ensuring all knowledge and skills were transferred to the team that had been established in the UK during that time.

Over that time, working on average 7 days per month, we delivered:

  • $100,000 UNESCO award secured
  • 33 trust applications submitted for a total value of £80,000
  • 5 grants received for a total value of £19,000
  • 22 decisions still pending (at time of writing)
  • 6 major donors identified worth £375,000 to date
  • 2 major donor applications submitted for a total value of £255,000
  • 21 potential corporate partners identified

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We are committed to supporting organisations of all sizes to develop their high value fundraising, and have developed resources to support those who cannot yet afford to work with us.

We will support you in the best way for you by tailoring our support to meet your needs and budgets. We offer a range of services, from basic training to in-depth programme reviews, stewardship planning and long-term mentoring and coaching for you, your team, your senior management and senior volunteers.

We would welcome the opportunity for a no obligation call with you so please contact us on 020 3126 4501.

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