Top Tips for remote working

Money Tree Fundraising is an entirely remote company. Whenever I get a sales call asking to speak to our estates manager, person who manages the company’s utility bills or similar I tell the caller this and I am often met with stunned silence and some significant...

Sample and Template Policies for Third Sector Organisations

Needing to create or improve your organisation’s policies and governance for your fundraising toolkit?  Have a look at these free resources, samples and templates on the internet.  You WILL need to adapt and edit templates to make them appropriate for your...

Thriving as a remote worker

Before setting up Money Tree Fundraising in 2010 I had a “proper” job as a Fundraising Director and worked from home a day or two each week, so had some sense of what remote working took. Today Money Tree Fundraising is proud to be an entirely remote company. It is a...

Top Tips for the new freelancer

An updated blog covering some top tips for those considering becoming freelance whether in fundraising or not. All of the tips are based on Beth’s personal experiences having gone freelance in 2010.