Forum For The Future

Major Donor Fundraising Training


The Brief:

Forum for the Future hadn’t undertaken major donor fundraising for a substantial period of time. There was little experience of this type of fundraising within the senior team
and trustees and there was a lot of nervousness about asking personal connections for money.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising adapted its Understanding of Major Donor Fundraising for Leaders workshop to suit our particular circumstances and delivered this to a number of
SMT and trustees over a two-hour session which included a clear explanation of the purpose and value of relationship building as a core step prior to asking, as well as a variety
of facts, checklists etc. to offer structure and comfort to those who would be undertaking the cultivation.
The workshop was adapted in light of our forthcoming cultivation event and there was plenty of time to overlay the theory into the practicalities of each person’s role on the night.

Difference Made:

The team had limited experience of major donor fundraising. We needed the support and expertise of Money Tree Fundraising to deliver a workshop with the gravitas required for senior leaders and trustees to trust in and learn from. Further, it was useful to have an expert external perspective to review our plans.


Our event was a real success! Following the advice we’d been given during the workshop we did not make a financial ask to the whole room but instead sought follow up one-to-one meetings with the key attendees. To date we’ve met or secured meetings with 90% of those who attended and are well on our way to building strong relationships, we’ve even had some pledged donations!

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“Using Money Tree Fundraising to work with our Senior Management and Trustees really engaged them in our major donor programme, which is accelerating quicker than it would have without their buy-in”

Deborah Ball