ADD International

Trust  Research and Proposal Review


The Brief:

Since 2020, ADD International has been pivoting their delivery model from being an INGO to being a participatory grant maker for disability justice. They are also still directly delivering services as part of this new strategy. They were looking for prospect research support to bolster their current, reasonably strong pipeline as well as a review of their standard application in order to expand their trust fundraising programme.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising’s Fundraiser, Liz, completed a review and critique of two application letters and the amended versions as well as a follow up call to talk through recommendations and their queries. Liz also undertook prospect research to identify potential prospects to fund the delivery of their pivoting work. This included a review of Charity Commission records, 360 Giving data, and fund databases including GRIN, Grants Online, Terra Viva and BOND listings. This information was cross referenced against a list of trusts identified by ADD and an additional 38 potential prospects.

Difference Made:

ADD has been working with disabled people for over 35 years. With a new 10 year strategic plan and a significant adjustment in the way they approach their work, ADD’s fundraisers were looking for external input into their work to ensure it was on target and that they weren’t missing potential funding partners.

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“While we do not yet know the results of the advice given, I found Liz excellent. She is very experienced and thorough. She provided detailed and helpful feedback, recommendations and trust information. She provided insight to the perspective of trustee of a smaller trust. And she’s a nice person!​”

Martin Tyreman

Institutional Fundraising Manager