Interview with – Mike Bartlett

Mike is our Senior Consultant in High Level Giving. He joined the Money Tree Fundraising team full time this month. He brings with him 15 years of high-value fundraising experience. Most recently he was Director of Fundraising and Communications for DEBRA, before that...

How big is big?

Big Gift, Major Gift, Major Donor – call it what you will – Fundraising isn’t defined by a set gift amount. It is defined by its approach – taking the time to develop a relationship with a person over time in order to ask for a commitment.

Do fundraising consultants really know their onions?

Interventionism is a hot topic. Whether you are talking about wars, international aid, third sector lobbying or charity trustees. It is the same for fundraising consultancy, which is essentially an intervention requested by a charity. Where the waters muddy, however,...

Fundraising IS dating!

The seven steps of major donor solicitation continue to be a mystery to some. Will a parallel with dating help to make it clearer, or is dating just as complex?