Trust Fundraising

Why trust fundraising?

The top 300 grant-making trusts increase their contribution to charities year-on-year. In 2016/17 this meant donations of just over £3.3 billion – an increase of 10.9% over the previous year.

With foundations swiftly passing on the income they have made from their assets in this way, this sector has grown consistently over the past four years to represent 16% of all UK private giving.

This source of income can provide large sums for projects, often secured for more than one year, within a short time period that, once established, could offer a return of 10 times your investment. You can start to receive grants as soon as six months after sending that first application.

The essential ingredients of successful
trust fundraising

A pipeline of suitable

Compelling trust-friendly

The time to develop projects and
write applications


When you know who to approach, what to approach them with and how to do it well you will raise
more money from grants to deliver your organisation’s vision.

Unsure if trust fundraising is for you?

We will take you through the steps required to be successful.

Lacking fundable projects?

We will provide guidance on packaging your core work as well as projects that will suit trusts and foundations.

Nervous that the rest of the organisation is unwilling to help you with fundraising?

We involve staff across the organisation from the start and outline what needs to be done.

Lacking specific writing skills or knowledge?

Working alongside us will teach you the skills you need to start well.

Need a step-change in income without a huge up-front investment?

This is not possible from most areas of fundraising yet with trust fundraising you will feel the benefit of your investment within the year.

No idea where or how to start?

Let us work with you to kick start your programme.

The Money Tree
Fundraising Approach

At Money Tree Fundraising we know trust fundraising. We have worked with more than 60 organisations keen to raise more money in order to expand the life-changing work they do. Ahead of working with us, they all faced the same barriers to success:

  • Not knowing how to find the right trusts to approach
  • Not packaging their work in a way that works for themselves AND grant-makers
  • Not writing compelling proposals that work for grant-makers
  • Not building relationships with grant-makers
  • Not having the time to write applications
  • Not having the backing of their organisation
  • Not being able to measure or report back on the impact of a grant

Our fundraising expertise delivers

A pipeline of relevant trusts

A strong written proposal to engage trusts
and foundations now and in the future

Powerful applications that deliver income

Capacity to kick-start your programme

New skills for you and your team

The background preparation essential for success

Check your readiness to kick start your trust fundraising programme now