Trust Fundraising

Trust Fundraising

UK trusts donated £2.9bn to the charity sector in 2013/14 – an increase of £0.4bn on the previous year. Trusts accounted for the majority rise in voluntary sector income overall for the year.

This is a source of income that can provide large sums for projects, often secured for more than one year, within a short time period. Once set up this is a steady source of income and can offer a return of 10 times your investment. You start to receive grants within six months of starting.

The secrets to successful
trust fundraising

Knowing who to approach

Knowing how to package your work into
funder-friendly proposals and projects

Having enough time to dedicate to developing the
projects and writing the applications

When you know who to approach, how to create a compelling proposal and you have the capacity to do so,
you will raise more money to deliver your organisation’s vision.

At Money Tree Fundraising we know trust fundraising; over six years
we have worked with dozens of small charities keen to raise more
money in order to expand the life-changing work they do.

Their trust income grew when we addressed the key problems we
encounter with our clients over and over again:

  • Not knowing how to find the right trust to approach
  • Not knowing how to write compelling proposals
  • Not having the time to write the applications

Our fundraising expertise delivers

Prospect lists of relevant trusts

Strong written proposals
delivering income

Capacity for your programme.
New fundraising skills for you and your team.

Check your readiness to kick start your trust fundraising programme now