Young Epilepsy

Interim Trust Fundraising Support


The Brief:

The fundraising team at Young Epilepsy have successfully established a strong and sustainable high value trust fundraising programme and were looking to establish the same for low-mid value grants (<£10,000). Unfortunately, the team did not have the additional resource to do so and like many other charities were having difficulties recruiting. Young Epilepsy approached Money Tree Fundraising for assistance to set up such a programme whilst they were continuing to search for a suitable candidate.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising’s Trust Associate worked with the team to develop a case for support and summary 2-page proposal which could be used as the base for applications to multiple trusts.

Difference Made:

Young Epilepsy needed resource support and also an objective view of how to describe their services. Money Tree Fundraising helped by presenting their work in a simpler, clearer way which will make sense to funders.

Young Epilepsy Charity Logo

“Whilst at this stage no financial results for the 30 letters sent have come in – which is disappointing but still early days – we now have a useful case for support document and a template for future applications.”