Rising Sun Domestic Violence & Abuse Service

Trust Fundraising

The Brief:

Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service’s  budget had grown but they hadn’t increased their fundraising team. The CEO was going on maternity leave and Head of Partnerships and Development was spending more time on the strategic running of the organisation. In May 2019 they decided to seek additional trust fundraising assistance.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising’s Trust Associates helped them to identify potential trusts and foundations they could apply to then worked with the charity to match up their priorities and develop funding applications.

Difference Made:

The Money Tree Fundraising Associates working with Rising Sun have an excellent knowledge of the VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) sector as well as local knowledge. Their experience of a wide range of trusts enabled the charity to target those they had a higher chance of getting, and to tailor the applications to the trusts’ priorities. They have also been a great sounding board for thinking through the viability of pilot projects and what approach / angle to take with various funders.


Money Tree Fundraising’s Associates have supported Rising Sun on many successful funding applications, including £120k towards core costs spread over three years. The charity has also developed their in-house skills and knowledge through working with the Money Tree Associates.

Income Realised:


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“Money Tree Fundraising provides high quality and flexible support. They are always available to answer a quick question and can adapt hours to provide support at busy times. They are extremely reliable and help us to keep on top of opportunities and deadlines. Has felt more like a partnership than client – contractor relationship. Thank you!”

Fran Ellis

CEO, Rising Sun