Case Studies


Interim Trust Fundraising

The Brief:

With the departure of their long-term fundraising manager to oversee her own charity more closely, Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC) Guildford was looking for urgent interim trust fundraising support whilst they continued to recruit permanently to the role. With other major transitions happening early in the year, RASASC also had two imminent and significant deadline for their main core funders.

Action Taken:

Brought in at a time of major staff changes, stability was needed to maintain fundraising as well as prepare the rather complicated application for this core funder. The application was using a more formalised and complicated online platform and a great deal of extra data was required. Over 6 months, this very challenging application was completed along with a number of large applications and reports to other funders. The Money Tree Fundraising Associate also completed some prospect research for the pipeline of potential trust funders and a full case for support (internal resource) in advance of the new postholder arriving. Additionally, she assisted to update trusts admin on the organisations CRM system to ensure the new postholder was working with the most up-to-date information.

Difference Made:

The outgoing senior staff, who had much institutional knowledge, had systems and processes in place which weren’t actively used, making the application, reporting, and stewardship of grant fundraising more difficult. Whilst practices and data management had been previously fit for purpose, in an increasingly competitive funding landscape, changes and efficiencies were required. Money Tree Fundraising’s work has highlighted the priority need to improve these systems.


Kaja supported grant reporting to 3 major funders, ensuring processes were in place to make future reports easier. The new CEO has been given strategic support in understanding the finance and fundraising structure within the organisation and how trusts and grants fundraising generally operates.

Income Realised: £588,333

Interim Trust Fundraising (RASASC - Guildford)

“Kaja has been enormously helpful, beyond her remit in many ways, supporting me (as incoming CEO) to knit together the various strands of information across the fundraising and finance departments. Kaja communicates, succinctly, exactly what is needed and by when and works at a fast and efficient pace delivering what she has promised, on time and of the highest quality. I have been very impressed by the value for money that Kaja has produced for us as an organisation and I am sorry we won’t be working together any more.”

Daisy Anderson