Music in Hospitals & Care

Interim Trust Fundraising

The Brief:

Historically, Music in Hospitals & Care has been successful with trust fundraising and enjoys a high level of repeat donations. These grants tended to be a fixed sum towards a specific programme in a specific location and the organisation has been working on how to change this. To give the existing team the capacity to think creatively and strategically about how they apply for grants, an interim person was required to cover the existing workload of repeat applications and reports.

Action Taken:

Working under the direction of the Music in Hospitals & Care Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Manager a monthly work package of trust applications was provided, with Money Tree Fundraising leading preparation of these. These included both letter- and application-form- based applications. Whilst Music in Hospitals & Care had an effective template letter, work was undertaken to tailor and develop this according to the requirements and expectations of each funder, following additional funder research. In total 32 applications were prepared for submission by the client, totalling c £187,000. Alongside this, prospect research was undertaken to identify trusts relating to several areas of focus for the organisation. Approximately 140 trusts were identified.

Difference Made:

The team delivering trust fundraising at Music in Hospitals & Care had a vacancy in the team and was therefore at capacity. They would have had to reduce their application and basic stewardship activities in order to find the time for this strategic work. This would have no doubt reduced future income coming into the organisation and resulted in a delayed and necessary increase in work once the strategic planning activities were completed.


The work done by Money Tree Fundraising ensured they didn’t miss opportunities or reduce the volume of applications which could be submitted. It provided them with an opportunity to work with a ‘critical friend’ to hone their processes and assess what was needed strategically in the long term. It was also good to have another set of eyes on the prospect research to see opportunities outside of their typical approaches.

As of December 2023, they have received £12,000, from six applications, and still have 19 further applications still pending.

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