Harlington Hospice

Capital Kick Start


The Brief:

Harlington Hospice was planning to build a new 20-bed hospice for people across Hillingdon borough. The charity had no formal high value programme and only received ad hoc income through traditional fundraising income streams. There had been very little major donor fundraising to date. We commissioned Money Tree Fundraising to help identify funding for a planned new build. We have a very small fundraising department and the decision to work with Money Tree came about largely because they responded to our needs and plans.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising put forward a member of their Associate Consultancy team who had experience of leading a capital appeal at an adult hospice to work with us to deliver a comprehensive capital appeal feasibility study. The Money Tree Fundraising Team researched potential corporate, trust and high net worth individual funders in the local area. They also wrote a case for support for the capital project, which they tested with stakeholders to engage them and assess their readiness to give. This led to a gift pyramid where we could see how many gifts could be achieved at different giving levels and a realistic total.

Difference Made:

We did not have the staff capacity or expertise to develop our capital project into a fundable project or to scope out and contact relevant funders. The detailed report provided by Money Tree Fundraising allowed us to make informed decisions about when to launch a capital appeal, who to approach, how much for and what resources would be required to be successful.


Outcomes of working with Money Tree Fundraising has not just helped with the new build project but increased our knowledge of fundraising. Their approach fed into a review of our income generation and has helped us focus our resources more effectively.

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“The lead consultant I worked with was responsive and adapted her work programme to fit in with our rapidly changing environment. We are still working to achieve our new build project and are expecting to re-engage Money Tree Fundraising again for a future stage in that development.”

Steve Curry