Bread and Water for Africa UK

Interim Trust Fundraising


The Brief:

Bread and Water for Africa UK is a small charity which works with local, grass-roots organisations in some of the world’s poorest countries to fight poverty, relieve hunger, and increase access to healthcare and education. They focus on long-term projects rather than temporary relief efforts. They have a small team in the UK – only 2 staff members – and didn’t have the capacity to spend time developing a case for support or proposals to individual funders across the projects they support.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising supported Bread and Water for Africa UK to develop a full case for support and two tailored ‘master’ proposals for one of their projects.

Difference Made:

With only two staff members they had the skills and the information but were lacking the time required to pull everything into a comprehensive and compelling written case. Both the full case for support and the proposals are now useful assets for the charity as they move forward with their fundraising.


With a recent £8,000 success from one of the 8 applications made during the time Money Tree Fundraising was working with them, they will now be able to re-start their food programme in Burundi.

“Without support from Amy, one of Money Tree Fundraising’s Associates, we just wouldn’t have been able to find the time to pull the case for support together. Now we have it and the two tailored proposals it’s going to be easier for us to get more applications out the door to support the projects delivered by our partners.”

Ruby Glasspool

CEO, Bread and Water for Africa UK