Trust Fundraising Kickstart – Silver


The Brief:

BRAVEHOUND, a small charity supporting veterans using companion dogs, had ambitious goals but was relatively new to seeking grant funding. They had neither the expertise nor the capacity to set up a trusts and foundations programme capable of achieving their goals.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising delivered their Trusts Kick Start Programme to develop such a programme. Working with Money Tree Fundraising Senior Consultant Deanna Wolf, the BRAVEHOUND team came to understand the internal resources they needed to develop and the value of those resources in successful trust fundraising. Deanna also researched a pipeline of potential funders, developed a case for support and submitted applications in support of BRAVEHOUND’s two main programmes.

Difference Made:

Money Tree Fundraising took the time to get to know this team and find ways to make trust fundraising work for them within their existing structure. Deanna did this by laying strong foundations with resources and process, creating a pipeline and a case for support. This gave the BRAVEHOUND team all of the tools needed to be able to continue alone.


This will improve their track record with and for trusts going forward. They’ve also reviewed and revised their procedures and business tools so that they can increase our capacity to continue pursuing trust and foundations in the future. The whole process of fundraising from trusts and foundations has become clearer and less daunting.

BRAVEHOUND received a few grants in, including a small but multi-year donation.


“Money Tree Fundraising were super patient and “gentle” always ready to explain things over and again, always positive and we felt that they cared.”

Fiona MacDonald