Money Tree Fundraising works with charities to set up and grow fundraising from trusts, companies and wealthy individuals. We are fundraising practitioners as well as consultants. We specialise in kick-starting new programmes.

In 2015 we were named Best Strategic/ Fundraising Consultancy by the Institute of Fundraising.

Money Tree Fundraising works with a carefully-chosen pool of associate fundraisers – each an expert in their own field – and partner agencies offering different skills and expertise so that we can always provide a great solution to our clients.

CommUNITY Barnet

“The coach’s expert feedback was invaluable! He was quickly able to tell us what the reader of the fundraising application would be looking for and was able to give constructive advice and insight into gaining a positive result. We certainly came away from the first surgery feeling very confident and positive in chasing after that sometimes elusive ‘Pot of Gold’.”
Frances Pestano, Hoffmann Foundation for Autism

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Oxford Homeless Pathways

“I have really enjoyed working with Liora. She proved to be very quick at picking up the details of our work and what we are trying to achieve. She has a good ability to think around potential obstacles constructively, and – probably most important of all – write fluently and concisely…”

Lesley Dewhurst – Chief Executive

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MS Society

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Beth Upton. Beth herself really took the time to understand our needs and very quickly identified more than one candidate who could come in, hit the ground running and do the job that needed doing…”

Saul Heselden – Head of Partnership Fundraising, MS Society

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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

“Beth understood exactly what we needed from my first call with her and provided herself as an excellent interim Corporate Partnerships Executive here at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. She got up to speed quickly, fitted seamlessly into the team, made real inroads into our new business development and readily shared her knowledge and expertise with the whole team…”

Jack Matthews – Head of High Value Giving

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Disaster Emergency Committee

“At Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) our challenge is always the uncertainty of when the next emergency will hit. Money Tree Fundraising was great at understanding our needs and the unique way we work. They quickly helped us understand our major donor fundraising potential and provided valuable insights into our strengths and the areas that we could develop…”

Lisa Robinson – High Value Partnerships Manager

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We offer expert consultancy, training and delivery through our network of expert fundraisers, copywriters, specialist researchers and event organisers who work across the UK and internationally.

We all have one thing in common: we know that building and maintaining meaningful relationships is key in high value fundraising. This is the core of our expertise, which we adapt to take a different approach to each of our core areas of operation.

How to Attract a Philanthropist to Your Charity

Philanthropists, or more commonly referred to within charities as ‘Major Donors’, can be an incredibly valuable and ongoing source of income for your charity. The time spent cultivating a potential major donor is crucial; just one major donor can seriously change your organisation’s future. You may not be sure if it is for you, but at Money Tree Fundraising we believe it should be an important part of any charity’s fundraising mix.   What is a Philanthropist? A philanthropist is a person who supports the welfare of others, particularly through generous donations of money to charities. Famous examples include Edward Cadbury and Bill & Melinda Gates.   How to attract a Philanthropist to your Charity? We know that major donors are looking to understand the difference their money will make from the outset. You must understand this and be able to explain the impact every £1 they donate will have towards the vision you sold to them. Being able to manage relationships is a crucial skill for any major donor fundraiser. It boils down to great listening skills so that you can understand what the donor is trying to get out of their charitable involvement. Major donors need to feel ownership of the organisation’s mission and will expect an inside track to your future plans, goals, achievements and challenges. They will expect to have regular contact with your chief executive and chair. At times they can be challenging and demanding but this is because they are passionate about the cause.     We strongly believe that major donor fundraising has potential for all charities, whatever your size. On average... read more

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