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Sreepur Village

Trust Fundraising Kickstart – Silver

The Brief:

Over the last 30 years, Sreepur Village, Bangladesh, has been fortunate to have been primarily supported through donations from generous individuals. As a result, they had little expertise in actively seeking funding from trusts and foundations when they need to address a growing budget deficit.

As a small, private charity, their inhouse team were struggling to get the fundamentals of trust fundraising in place and integrated with their ongoing fundraising efforts with individual donors.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising’s Kick Start programme provided an affordable and structured opportunity to see if trust fundraising was a viable income source for them.

Difference Made:

Getting the detailed information in place required to submit appropriate bids proved challenging at times. It was compounded by staffing and new project planning and delivery systems at their overseas project site. However the structure of the Kick Start allowed for a pause so they could get all of the elements properly in place before work restarted.


The Money Tree Fundraising associate and consultants were generous with their knowledge to bring Sreepur Village up to speed in this new area of fundraising. We worked with them to get the framework and tools in place to write an excellent Case for Support which was used as the basis for the more than 10 bids valued at £133,000 that have been submitted. Money Tree Fundraising helped them expand their fundraising knowledge and by extension, their capacity to bring in the funding they need.

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We struggled at times with providing the information required to submit effective bids. Charities should be aware that they need to have policies and statistics in place to support their requests for funding. Money Tree can help with this, but it is a good idea to have these in place before the contract starts.
Patricia Silvester MBE

Chair of Trustees

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