There are lots of things to consider when hiring external support, be that a fundraising consultant, a freelance professional fundraiser, fundraising agency, interim or permanent member of staff.

Particularly in the case of a consultant this can be a not-insignificant investment from your budget. The following check list is not exhaustive but by making sure you’ve considered all of these areas you can be confident that you’re setting out to spend that investment wisely.

  • What is your budget:
    • for this work?
    • to implement the recommendations of the work?
  • What are your timescales:
    • for delivery of this piece of work you’re commissioning?
    • for implementing any recommendations?
    • by which you need to see results?
    • for your own internal decision-making process?
  • Who do you need to involve:
    • budget holders?
    • decision makers?
    • those asked to participate?
    • those affected by the work?
    • finance?
    • HR?
  • What will happen after this piece of work:
    • who will implement?
    • how will you get the skills?
  • Who is working with the consultant and managing the process?
    • Whatever this piece of work it, chances are it cannot be done well if done in isolation – nobody can come from the outside and know your organisation to the same degree as you do on the inside.

As with any agency, we are able to help you through this uncharted territory and we are really happy to help – the better the foundations of our relationship with you the stronger the work we build for you will be.