At Money Tree Fundraising we know trust fundraising. We have worked with more than 60 organisations keen to raise more money in order to expand the life-changing work they do. Ahead of working with us, they all faced the same barriers to success:

  • Not knowing how to find the right trusts to approach
  • Not packaging their work in a way that works for themselves AND grant-makers
  • Not writing compelling proposals that work for grant-makers
  • Not building relationships with grant-makers
  • Not having the time to write applications
  • Not having the backing of their organisation
  • Not being able to measure or report back on the impact of a grant

Our trust fundraising expertise delivers

A pipeline of relevant trusts

A strong written proposal to engage trusts
and foundations now and in the future

Powerful applications that deliver income

Capacity to kick-start your programme

New skills for you and your team

The background preparation essential for success

Getting the
Foundations Right

If you want to be successful and make healthy returns from your trust fundraising programme then there are key foundations that must be in place. Our Foundation stage is crucial for any organisation working with us on kick starting their trust fundraising.

The Foundation takes the form of three coaching calls: the first, the longest, will be a mini-masterclass in all things trust fundraising from the governance and organisational readiness that is required, to the question of what a trust will fund and how to package work to look most attractive to grant makers.

This is an intensive five-week programme that will require your commitment to work at least one day each week on top of the three calls with our team. During this period trustees will at least be required to sign-off new policies and may be required for further work.

At the end of this period you will be ready to deliver winning grant applications either on your own or through the Money Tree Fundraising Kick Start Programme.

Kick start your trust fundraising

Once you have the right foundations in place, our tried and tested approach will take you through
the five essential stages of a successful trust fundraising programme:


Framing your work in a way that works for the donor is vital in persuading them to support it financially. This includes your budget and your planned objectives.


Our prospect researcher will find the trusts who set out to support the work that you do.


Knowing which application to write first, and which to write next, is a quick way to streamline the writing process.


Our team will critique the applications you are writing to make sure you’re writing the most compelling applications possible. Alongside, we will also write applications for you so that you get a volume of applications written and delivered.


We will stay by your side as you embed trust fundraising into your organisation, from more critique to holding you to account for delivery of those applications.

At the end of the Kick Start programme there will be additional trusts that you can approach, a proposal template and expertly-written applications that you could use as a model for submitting your own applications. We would welcome the opportunity to develop a long term trust application programme with you.

We offer three levels of support
throughout the programme

Foundation Light Comprehensive

Price ex.VAT



5 weeks


14 weeks


21 + 12 weeks

Foundation Together we will get your organisation ready for trust fundraising. We will cover governance, project v. core funding and packaging during our masterclass and follow up calls.
Frame Templates and support to create your own proposal and budget Proposal and budget for one key area
Research 20 prospects
Plan Support through planning A plan to maximise success
Apply Expert critique of 10 applications
Applications to the value of at least £60k1
Momentum Coaching to drive progress for further 12 weeks

1 it will not be possible to undertake complex applications such as Reaching Communities, Children in Need or Comic Relief within this allowance due to the size and complexity of these applications. We are happy to apply for those for a supplementary charge.

This is a partnership

Fundraising is a team effort and we know that when we work together with our clients we have the greatest success. To be successful you should expect to work one day each week during the Foundation stage and half a day each week in the subsequent stages of the Kick Start programme.

You and your team must be ready to give us the time to work with us.

Case Study: Sands

“It’s been fantastic working with Money Tree Fundraising. We’re a small team and they helped us find fundraising and planning solutions that fit our situation, capacity and goals. We now have a foundation and structure that we can build upon, year-on-year, to develop good relationships with donors. Not only that, but we’re already seeing successful returns on the applications Money Tree Fundraising has helped us submit!”

Daniel Brett-Schneider, Director of Fundraising, Communications and Engagement, Sands


By partnering on the Trust Fundraising Kick Start programme you will launch a successful trust fundraising programme that will provide regular income
for both project and core costs. Your organisation will stand up to the scrutiny of grant-makers and you will have:

  • Tailored and targeted applications written by industry experts
  • A proposal template including budget
  • Additional trusts for you to approach
  • Increased skills and confidence in trust fundraising
  • Expert critique of those first applications you write
  • Regular coaching to give you advice and to drive the programme forward

The Money Tree Fundraising Trust Expert

Deanna Wolf MInstF

“Deanna combines attention to detail with an understanding of the big picture to deliver a solid framework on which to build a sustainable, high value trust programme. Her knowledge of trust and statutory funders was instrumental in saving the charity where we worked together.”

Meg Wright, Interim Executive