Major Donor Fundraising

Major Donor Fundraising

We strongly believe that major donor fundraising has potential for all charities, whatever their size. We also believe that 1-5% of your current donors have the potential to give you a large gift. Thirdly, we believe in the principle that the top 20% of your donors will contribute 80% of your voluntary fundraising income.

With that in mind we have been working with charities of all sizes for many years to help them kickstart major donor fundraising programmes. The great thing about this potentially transformational area of fundraising is that just a few donors can make a huge difference and you don’t necessarily need to invest heavily to achieve success.

To implement a successful major donor fundraising programme you must have:

1. A genuine programme plan (how are you going to address the need, with specific outcomes and costs?)
2. A donor-centric culture (meeting the needs of donors)
3. A leadership culture that understands major gifts (across all key departments – imagine if you were the donor, who would you want to talk to?)
4. Sound and accessible financial project information (expect to be asked difficult questions, so be prepared)
5. Sound donor process (IT, data, record keeping, thanking – all essential for donor stewardship)
6. Measurable outcomes (what impact will you tell your donor that their gift made? – put yourself in the shoes of the donor).

At Money Tree Fundraising we know major donor fundraising; over six years we have worked with dozens of charities keen to raise more money in order to expand the life-changing work they do. We have guided them through taking the first steps, identifying, researching and cultivating donors, building a strong case for support aimed at High Net Worth individuals, confidence in asking and getting organisational support. We can help you overcome the hurdles of:

  • Not knowing who to approach
  • Not knowing who needs to be involved
  • Not knowing what to ask for
  • Not knowing how to ask

Our major donor fundraising consultancy work is delivered by Beth Upton, CEO, and Mike Bartlett, Senior Consultant – High Level Giving, ably supported by Communications Professionals and Prospect Researchers. Our work delivers:

  • An ordered approach to identifying and prioritising your donor prospects
  • Input into your case for support or drafting a case for you
  • Donor research
  • Advice on planning your stewardship
  • Securing organisational buy in
  • Mentoring and coaching of staff

We have practical experience of enabling these essential elements at dozens of charities. We would love to work with you to ensure that you invest your time and energy in the right way. You will then have the skills and experience to run a successful major donor fundraising programme for many years to come.

As we wish to support you in the best way possible we will tailor our support to meet your needs and budgets, offering a range from basic training, to in-depth programme reviews and stewardship planning. We would welcome the opportunity for a no obligation call with you so please call us on 020 3126 4501 or contact us.

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