One of the nicest things about the launch event of Money Tree Fundraising last week was looking round the room and seeing what an incredible and inspirational bunch of people I have managed to amass as contacts over the years.

In fact, the main purpose of re-branding Beth Upton Freelance Fundraising to Money Tree Fundraising has been about just that: celebrating the fantastic people that are part of the team and the excellent work that they do, and moving away from it appearing that the organisation is all about me. I was proud to be in the company of such brilliant fundraisers.

My guests ranged from previous and current colleagues and clients (perhaps some future ones too…?), Money Tree Fundraising associates, and a handful of the most important people in the world to me.

The party was gorgeous – excellently organised by one of my partners, Juliet Ellis, and it was a huge success: the branding for Money Tree Fundraising was unveiled to an excellent and receptive audience, and we got to celebrate our successes to-date.

One of my favourite aspects of the evening was the chance to tell the story of the name.


I gave everyone who attended their very own money tree – to wish them luck, target smashing, and their own ever-lasting living mascot!