We have an organisational strategy/business plan that we follow

The ways we have been fundraising over recent years are starting to flat-line

I am not sure that our organisation is attractive to major donors

We have a healthy training budget for the whole fundraising team

Fundraising is generally left to the fundraisers except at budget-setting


I can get hold of clear and costed projects from across my organisation

I can access financial information easily

I know where to find facts and evidence to illustrate the need for the work that my charity does

I struggle to find ways to reward and recognise donors

I have a regular flow of case studies to use in donor conversations


I have a database which holds information on all of the charity's supporters, past and present

I engage our networks to find new donors

I have a prioritised list of potential donors

I am overwhelmed with names and information

I have a strong relationships with our top 10% of donors


We have staff dedicated to major donor fundraising

The senior leadership and trustees at my charity are actively involved in donor facing activity

We have a diarised communications plan for donors

Asking someone face-to-face for a donation scares me

I have prospects who I meet regularly but never give


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