Needing to create or improve your organisation’s policies and governance for your fundraising toolkit?  Have a look at these free resources, samples and templates on the internet.  You WILL need to adapt and edit templates to make them appropriate for your organisation, and make sure that you actually deliver and agree with the policy’s components before you put it in place at your organisation.

Money Tree Fundraising is not endorsing any of these sites and by sharing these links with you we are not providing advice.

We always recommend any organisation seeks appropriate and qualified advice in all areas of its work.

  • Policies, Resources and Toolkits – Voluntary Action Islington


  • NCVO’s Knowledge Bank (National Council of Voluntary Organisations) – Governance, tools and resources on a variety of subjects. You may need to dig around a bit to find the exact resource you need, but it is well categorised


  • Merton Voluntary Service Council


  • Gloucestershire Rural Community Council


  • Small Charities Coalition – a variety of links and resources for best practice guides, templates, tools, useful services and websites


  • Small Charity Support


  • BOND (British Overseas NGOS for Development) – safeguarding policy templates – may be particularly useful for International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs)


  • Resource Centre – a variety of sample and template policies along with useful discussion points to ensure your organisation has reasoned through its policies before fully creating and adopting them.


  • SCVO’s Jargon Buster – not a list of policy documents, but a very useful dictionary of fundraising and charity governance terminology that may help with your policy development and adoption process. (SCVO > Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations)


  • UK Government (applicable to England and Wales legally, and going beyond safeguarding, this is a great list and reminder for charities across the UK of the governance protections you need to have in place for your organisation and the people you support. (The information on this page


  • WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action) – a good list of policy templates particularly for volunteers and volunteer activity.


  • CharityComms – a list of templates based on real examples and policies specifically for use with third sector communications and marketing


  • Governance Pages (from ARVAC – Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector) – an alphabetical listing of governance topics including sample policies.


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