Case Studies


Major Giving Development & Team Coaching


The RNLI wanted to develop a 5-year fundraising strategy to meet their target of doubling their major gifts income for national and international activities.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising (MTF) began by identifying the research, analysis and tools required relative to the current provision and situation at RNLI to properly project annual financial and activity growth. We reviewed statistics, met with each team member and reviewed work styles, process and historical documents to understand the current process of fundraising from identification to stewardship as well as regional variations, challenges, and blockers to future success. MTF experts drew on their years of experience and knowledge to implement new methods of working which resulted in a more effective and efficient department. They spent time with our relationship managers to implement ambitious, achievable and agreed KPI’s whilst devising processes that enabled us to embed a more considered and strategic work plan across the department.

Difference Made:

We needed fundraising experts who would view our business in line with their many years of expertise and knowledge about best practices across the charity sector. MTF brought in highly experienced, successful consultants who understood our challenges and ambitions and worked hand in hand with us to deliver a level of expertise we did not have in-house. They were patient and accommodating many times working above and beyond the scope to provide each team member with the level of support and guidance they needed to excel.


We are in a much stronger place, strategy-wise, with a clear pipeline of forward-thinking priorities and plans. We expanded our team to bring in a new income generation model and staff support based on their recommendations, and we reviewed and amended some policies that were holding us back from advancing our fundraising ambitions. The team are more ambitious and confident with their fundraising and there has been a renewed understanding of the vital role our department has within the organisation.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with MTF. They took the time to listen to our needs and understand us as an organisation before advising new processes and procedures. The team speak very highly of the consultants they worked with, and we would definitely bring them back to support other areas of our work.”


Ross MacKay