Case Studies


Major Giving Development: Trusts & Grants Team Development


The RNLI’s Trusts and Grants Team needed assistance in streamlining the Team and its processes after a period of significant change at all levels to improve efficiency, recording and reporting – and ultimately, income generation. They also needed to raise their profile in the wider RNLI.

Action Taken:

Through 1-2-1s and team presentations, Money Tree Fundraising’s Deanna Wolf worked collaboratively with the Manager of the Trusts and Grants Team to find ways to improve team dynamics, identify gaps in process and measure success. She shared market knowledge and useful tools to improve fact finding and knowledge building. Deanna also supported and endorsed the creation of a Trusts and Grants Report which identified dependencies for future growth to help inform and improve our ways of working.

Difference Made:

Money Tree Fundraising gave RNLI an invaluable external perspective which presented new ideas and industry-tested solutions for ways of working and also gave experienced, external verification (useful for both in and outside of the team) for areas where we were already working well.


RNLI now have improved process templates and toolkits which have streamlined our ways of working. They have improved performance benchmarks and KPIs. Money Tree Fundraising’s recommendations in the Trusts and Grants Report have helped the Team raise their, and trust fundraising’s, profile with key operational departments and stakeholders across the RNLI. They now have a happy, performing team!

“Had a great working relationship with Deanna who was also helped with ad hoc questions queries outside of our scheduled appointments.”


Ashley Weedon