Nearly all of us will have heard of the Sunday Times Rich List and had a browse at some point. Some of us will have had extremely frustrating conversations with CEO’s/Trustees about why we are not getting large donations from any of the named individuals.

A few of us will have sighed a hefty sigh when a well-meaning trustee or staff member recounts how their Aunt’s sister once babysat for someone who  went to an event where rich person no.64 was said to have attended, so there maybe a lead there, please follow up.

Other lists are available as they say, from celebrity rich lists, top earning sportspeople and the global Forbes Billionaires. Most UK charities are regional, however, so these very public lists are not necessarily the best starting point for 99% of charities. The ultra-wealthy featured have almost certainly decided their lead charitable causes and methods of giving.

A tier down, however, at regional level, the same is less true. If you are a county-wide/regional charity you should want to know the wealthiest people in your area and subsequently their philanthropic interests.

At Money Tree we work with lots of small-medium sized charities and almost none are aware of regional rich lists in their locality. We have therefore compiled 10 Rich Lists you may have never heard of. Some of them are a year or two out-of-date, but you can be pretty sure that the named individuals haven’t become impoverished overnight.

  1. Richest Villages
  2. Asian, Midlands
  3. North West
  4. West Midlands
  5. Berks and Bucks
  6. East Anglia
  7. Bristol
  8. Kent
  9. Surrey
  10. Nottingham

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