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Trust Fundraising Review & Training


Following a significant restructure of the Fundraising & Engagement Directorate, and the resignation of our Trusts Executive, an opportunity arose to review our current Trust Fundraising Programme. This included making recommendations to improve it and upskill the Philanthropy Team, including the Manager, who had little or no Trusts Fundraising experience.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising conducted a detailed review and analysis of the Trust Fundraising activity over the last five years, including the response to COVID-19 in the exceptional circumstances that 2020 provided. After the review, a report was given which included practical recommendations for improvements. These included strategy, activity and recruitment requiring refinements to the current team structure and ways of working within PDSA. A skills audit of the Philanthropy Team was also carried out and bespoke trusts training was crafted and delivered to address needs and development issues.

Difference Made:

In-house experience with trusts and foundations was significantly lacking. There was, however, significant experience with other income streams and the general practice of charitable fundraising which formed a useful foundation on which to build. The external, qualified and fresh pair of eyes provided by Money Tree Fundraising was required if PDSA is to secure and improve their trust fundraising activity.


The Philanthropy Team is now better skilled and qualified to undertake trust fundraising, understanding how it aligns and differs with other fundraising income streams. The areas for improvement have been identified and a strategy to address them is already underway. The recruitment of the right calibre trust fundraiser to join this stronger team will begin shortly.




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“Money Tree Fundraising’s, and particularly Deanna’s approach is collaborative, inclusive, and supportive. Identification of issues always comes with ideas of a solution and never in isolation of the issue. Organisational factors were considered, and time was taken to truly understand the wider picture and implications with the team, the directorate, and the organisation. As a team, and particularly myself as the manager, I feel confident that we are on the right path to growth and sustained performance thanks to this partnership.”


Ruth Lister