Filmed at Institute of Fundraising London and South East Group’s First Thursday

Whatever the size of your charity, it is very likely that you could raise more money from major donors. Opportunities are often missed due to lack of research, preparation or process and asks not made due to lack of organisational buy in.

Most of us have memorised the theoretical steps of major donor fundraising, but how many of us put them into practice day to day? Having a few major donors is not the same as having a major donor programme.

In this 30 minute session Mike highlights practical tips that you can take back to work and implement immediately to improve the potential of your major donor portfolio, including flagging new donors, making more of your fundraising/cultivation events and getting senior level buy in to support your efforts.

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Question and Answer Session – short videos:

How do you define a major donor?

How do you find and connect with major donors?

Can you share some tips on turning round a reticent board?

Give your major donor programme a health check now