We are looking for trust fundraising consultants to join our high value fundraising associate team. You will need to demonstrate successful experience in trust fundraising – particularly at delivery end – and be able to turn your hand to all aspects of trust fundraising such as prospect research, copy writing, proposal writing, liaison with service delivery teams. We anticipate all of this work being delivered remotely, with visits to client offices being the exception rather than the norm.

We are looking for people with demonstrable experience in one or more of these areas:

  • animals
  • arts/culture/heritage
  • children/young people/education
  • environment
  • international development
  • religion
  • rights
  • substance abuse
  • Fundraising for organisations based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland

We are particularly interested in hearing from any fundraiser from the global majority.

A few of our associate team, past and present, have offered to act as our referees for you – we think it is really important you know what it’s like to work with us – and so if this is something you want to take advantage of then do email recruit@moneytreefundraising.co.uk to ask to be connected to a referee. We aren’t publishing their contact details here to protect their inboxes!

If you aren’t sure either about whether you meet the criteria or whether we are the right fit for you, then Deanna is happy to have a chat before you go ahead. Again, use the same email address: recruit@moneytreefundraising.co.uk and she will get back to you.

If you are sure and you want to go ahead, then here’s the process:

1.   Showcase your trust fundraising success to us. This could be with your CV – and we will eventually need your CV in any case if you’re successful – or by letter, or video, or even presentation perhaps. What is important at this stage is showing us what experience you have – the types of charity, the sizes of charity (we can look this up, we just need the charity name), what you raised – and the context of that experience (it was a new fundraising department, you turned something around, you were lucky enough to inherit a decent programme etc.). It would also be good to know how you got to trust fundraising, so do tell us about other things that are relevant in your path. We do not care about your formal education unless it’s relevant.

Whatever you submit needs to take us about 5 minutes to read or watch and you should send it (just the link if its video) to recruit@moneytreefundraising.co.uk The deadline is 14th November 2021.

You will hear from us within two weeks on this deadline.

2. Complete our application form. Everyone we long list will be asked to complete an application form. This form has been designed to help us understand the detail behind your experience, successes and work experience. If we decide to work together then it is the details on this form that we use to pull together the sales pitches we use to our clients.

We will set a deadline for the return of the form, which is likely to be two weeks after we send it to you.

You will hear from us within one week of this deadline.

3. Have a conversation with us. We will arrange a call with everyone we shortlist. There will be questions from us but this is more of a conversation than an “interview” per se. We normally talk about what it is like to work with us, the processes we use, the types of clients we get as well as asking you any follow up questions.

During that call we will ask you to send us to two examples of your work that are relevant to this role and will agree a deadline for you to get it to us.

Again, you will hear from us within a week of this deadline.

4. We will seek references. Once we have reviewed the examples of work we will invite suitable people to join our associate team and will hope that you will say yes! If you do, then we will ask for two written testimonials and the contact details of two people who will act as referees for you.

5. There is always admin. You have said yes, we have done our due diligence and so we will send you some paperwork and get you set up on our system. If you haven’t already sent us your CV then now is the time!

N.B. We will offer feedback to everyone who takes part in the process, at any stage.

Things to note:

The day rates we offer are competitive and they are non-negotiable. This prevents us creating a gender pay gap. We pay different rates for different types of work, which we can explain in detail in conversation. To give you a sense, our trust fundraising associates are paid (from January 2022) £252 per day for interim or similar trust fundraising work and our major donor consultants are paid £450 per day for the most common major donor work we deliver. We do offer long term clients a discount on our standard rates and shoulder that from our share of the client rate, rather than asking you to shoulder any discount.

No part of this process is optional unless there’s a discriminatory reason why we shouldn’t enforce it.

All those who work with us must eligible and set up to work in the UK.

These roles are remote-based and self-employed and will be offered on a client-by-client basis (you cannot rely on us for all of your work).

If we’ve inadvertently put up a barrier in this process and we’re excluding you from applying but you’re still a great fundraiser with demonstrable track record please get in touch with us, we really want to make this process accessible.

Hope it goes without saying: no recruiters please!