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Islington Giving

Trust Fundraising Review

The Brief:

Islington Giving wanted to review their strategy for fundraising from individuals, identify strengths and weaknesses so that they could confidently plan ahead.

Action Taken:

Money Tree Fundraising interviewed over 30 people, current and potential donors, staff, Board members and stakeholders, reviewed Islington Giving’s communications, benchmarked comparable organisations and made recommendations on future priorities.

Difference Made

We also identified the focus of  Islington Giving’s future fundraising and the need to change the culture of the organisation, so that everyone has a role in bringing resources into the borough. Money Tree gave time for reflection and clarity.


It’s too early for tangible results, however,  there is Board agreement and a confidence about future strategy, staff and Board awareness of the need for everyone to support fundraising. Islington Giving has started changing how they work and culture change is now a priority.

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“The Money Tree Fundraising team were responsive, flexible and reflective. They quickly gained the confidence of the Board and staff and really helped us to identify priorities and the need to change the organisation if we are to be even more successful.”

Kristina Glenn


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