Mike is our Senior Consultant in High Level Giving. He joined the Money Tree Fundraising team full time this month. He brings with him 15 years of high-value fundraising experience. Most recently he was Director of Fundraising and Communications for DEBRA, before that for Julia’s House Children’s Hospice and Winston’s Wish. He is your go-to person for major donors, corporate or trust fundraising.


He is speaking at the IoF West Midlands conference in Birmingham on 5 October and the DSC Fundraising Fair in London on 22 and 23 November but if you can’t hear him at either of these then you can follow his thoughts on our blog and learn a bit more about him here:

Mike, how much money have you raised for the charities you’ve worked with (roughly)?

I’m always wary of this question as my fundraising has always been a team effort and I feel strongly that donors should get the credit, not the fundraisers, as they are the change-makers. In teams I’ve led I’d guestimate that we’ve raised over £25 million.

And of all that experience, what would you pick as your greatest career success to-date?

At a children’s hospice I secured a £1 million partnership over three years with a major bank. This arrangement included re-homing the hospice team in one of the bank’s offices rent free.

When you look around our sector, who do you hold up as a Hero?

On the fundraising side Alan Clayton is a brilliant, noisy brute. In the sector as a whole there are inspiring people like Shami Chakrabarti who make a real difference to society.

And of the charities you’ve worked for, do you have a favourite, or would that be like asking you to pick a favourite child?

It is a bit like that; I’ve never worked for a charity where I didn’t have a genuine passion for the cause and a will to help the beneficiaries. They all do amazing work.

When you look back on your career like this, does anything spring to mind that you wish you’d known when you’d started out? Something you’d tell your younger self?

I wish I’d been less reluctant to implement significant change quickly. Change is difficult, but necessary; the key is bringing people with you.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to play for Liverpool or be Jean Claude Van Damme!

If you weren’t a fundraiser now, is that what you’d be?

I’d probably be half photographer, half gardener!

Tell us something surprising about yourself:

I’m the current over 35’s World and European Taekwondo Champion.

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