Philanthropists, or more commonly referred to within charities as ‘Major Donors’, can be an incredibly valuable and ongoing source of income for your charity. The time spent cultivating a potential major donor is crucial; major donor fundraising can seriously change your organisation’s future.

You may not be sure if it is for you, but at Money Tree Fundraising we believe it should be an important part of any charity’s fundraising mix.

What is a Philanthropist?

A philanthropist is a person who supports the welfare of others, particularly through generous donations of money to charities. Famous examples include Edward Cadbury and Bill & Melinda Gates.

How to attract a Philanthropist to your Charity?

We know that major donors are looking to understand the difference their money will make from the outset. You must understand this and be able to explain the impact every £1 they donate will have towards the vision you sold to them.

Being able to manage relationships is a crucial skill for any major donor fundraiser. It boils down to great listening skills so that you can understand what the donor is trying to get out of their charitable involvement.

Major donors need to feel ownership of the organisation’s mission and will expect an inside track to your future plans, goals, achievements and challenges. They will expect to have regular contact with your chief executive and chair. At times they can be challenging and demanding but this is because they are passionate about the cause.

We strongly believe that major donor fundraising has potential for all charities, whatever your size.

On average we find that 1-5% of a charity’s current donors have the potential to give them a larger gift; we see the principle that the top 20% of donors contribute 80% of voluntary fundraising income time and again.

With that in mind we have been working with charities of all sizes for many years to help them kick-start major donor fundraising programmes.

If you are interested in discussing how we could help your cause gain access to this incredible stream of income visit our Major Donor Fundraising page, and please don’t hesitate to contact us at 020 3126 4501.

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