We have all met the fundraiser who hides behind email instead of picking up the phone and starting a conversation, never mind using that phone to arrange face-to-face time with the potential donor they are meant to be cultivating.

We all know senior staff and volunteers who complain about being sent out for “yet another coffee” that never seems to end in a gift.

You may even have seen the opposite, the bulldozer who places the calls, has the meetings and then simply broadcasts according to their own agenda and never listens. They might even toss an ask into their conversation to prove they aren’t afraid of asking.

Some of us recognise that those potential donors are equally frustrated that after all that time, nobody ever actually asks them for a gift.

All of these situations can end in the same way:

  • A major donor programme that doesn’t reach its potential
  • Loss of brilliant fundraising staff
  • Frustration all round
  • Poor reputation amongst supporters
  • Loss of investment in the major donor fundraising programme
  • Supporters reducing or removing their support

Those endless coffee meetings and those not-yet-arranged, procrastinated-over calls and catch-ups are the secret to unlocking relationships and maximising a donor’s impact on the world, if only they were used well.

On this one-day workshop

Peter and Beth will lead you through practical exercises drawing on the art of improvisation.

You will learn:

  1. persuasive conversation skills that really work
  2. spotting crucial behavioural cues
  3. enhanced self-belief in any situation.

You will leave with methods you can use to make your conversations useful for both you and the poor potential donor who can’t sleep from all that caffeine!

Location: Central London
Price: £215 plus VAT
Date: Spring 2020 exact date TBC
Participant numbers: Maximum of 12

NB this course will only run publicly once in Spring 2020.

Peter Kershaw

Peter has for many years worked independently as a Psychotherapist, Role Play Actor, Improvisation teacher, Facilitator and Coach. He enjoys working with groups and individuals at all levels, in sport, education and business and has helped with motivation, performance, role progression and adaption to change.

Peter is a member of the Association for Coaching, Association for Contextual Behavioural Science and Buckinghamshire Coaching & Supervision Network.

Beth Upton FINSTF (Dip)

Beth has worked in fundraising since 2002, during which time she has raised multi-millions for the causes for which she has worked. Beth’s expertise is across all high-value disciplines and is most passionate about great major donor relationships.

Beth was Chair of the Institute of Fundraising South East & London region until 2017 and sat on the Institute of Fundraising Standards Committee until 2016.