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Fundraising Strategy

Ulysses Trust is a small charity with a turnover of £220,000 who needed a new five-year fundraising strategy to provide the resources they needed to support their new organisational strategy.

Working with the Chairman, Founder and a Trustee over just 5 days, Laura began by fact-finding to assess the current fundraising situation. She interviewed key stakeholders, reviewed income trends and the donor portfolio, researched the market and got to grips with the business plan and case for support. She then worked with the Trust to articulate what they wanted to achieve through their fundraising, which was to diversify and grow income, predominantly through contacts the trust already had. With all the information Laura had gathered she then wrote a fundraising strategy that was practical and mindful of the capacity and resources available.

Laura delivered a practical fundraising strategy that included a three-year action plan, income forecast and recommendations for resourcing. Laura also spent time discussing the strategy with the Trust and presented it to their board to give them an opportunity to ask questions and to develop their fundraising knowledge. This provided them with the tools they needed to make the next decisions about recruitment.

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