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The Forgiveness Project is a difficult organisation to promote in terms of marketing and fundraising. We do not ‘sell’ anything and nor do we exist to persuade people to forgive.  We are a space of inquiry where people are exposed to transformative stories and thus inspired to change their own thinking and behaviour.  Creating robust fundraising materials and a clear case for support is not therefore an easy task for any consultant fundraiser.

Beth Upton came highly recommended by a former trustee of The Forgiveness Project who has worked in the voluntary sector a number of years.  I must admit I embarked on this process somewhat sceptical having used consultant fundraisers in the past and never been entirely convinced of their value for money.  However I trusted my former trustee and decided that the charity should invest a small amount of unrestricted funds in getting support to produce a clear pitch and a robust fundraising strategy.

I am pleased to say this investment was well spent.  Money Tree Fundraising did a very good job in drawing together and digesting all our materials; involving staff in the process as well as helping them realise that everyone has a stake in fundraising; and writing up a series of excellent documents for us to use with funders, including a clearly articulated case for support.   The consultancy period took place alongside a separate strategic planning programme that The Forgiveness Project was undertaking at the time and I was impressed how Beth Upton and her staff were able to feed into this process.

Marina Cantacuzino


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