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SeeBeyondBorders is a charity working to improve the standard of education in Cambodia through teacher capacity development in local primary schools. They set up a UK charity in order to fundraise in the UK. Following the development of a strategy to raise money from corporate partners, wealthy individuals and trusts, the trustees were keen to invest in delivery.

Over the next 8 months, Money Tree Fundraising worked with SeeBeyondBorders to set up and develop their trusts fundraising. A further three months was spent ensuring all knowledge and skills was transferred to the team that had established in the UK in the intervening period.

Over that time, working on average 7 days per month, we delivered:

$100,000 UNESCO award

33 trust applications submitted to a total value of £80,000

5 grants received to a total value of £19,000

22 decisions still pending (at time of writing)

6 major donors identified worth £375,000

2 major donor applications submitted to a total value of £255,000

21 potential corporate partners identified

Money Tree Fundraising delivered strong results for us during our relationship, which only ended because we had the opportunity to build our own staff team within the UK. Adrienne, who worked with us, used her insight and knowledge of both International Development and the grant making process to find sources of funding that we were not aware of and to help with the writing of compelling applications which continue to bring in results.

Adrienne gave us the confidence to see that funding could indeed be raised from a wide range of sources in all sorts of different amounts with the right level of persistence while also  helping look at how we described what we do and the cost of our programs in words that would resonate with donors. The identification of the UNESCO award and her input into the writing of that application helped to open doors with the Cambodian government as well as with multinational donors: we may now very well be on the cusp of a step-change with respect to our influence on improving the quality of education in Cambodia as a result of these relationships.

Edward Shuttleworth


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