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Sands: Trust Fundraising Kick Start Programme

In 2018 Sands turned 40. To-date their fundraising had focussed on areas other than grant-making but as part of their strategy to grow and support more people affected by the death of a baby, they knew this needed to change.

Working in partnership with Money Tree Fundraising they worked through the Trust Kick Start programme:

  • Ensuring all the necessary foundations were in place for a strong start to trust fundraising
  • Influencing internal processes and strategy
  • Identifying a pipeline of relevant trusts
  • Writing proposals that worked both for the organisation and for the grant-makers
  • Submitting applications

Without Money Tree Fundraising, the team at Sands could not have initiated a trust fundraising programme whilst also maintaining their other income streams. Working with Money Tree Fundraising has improved the team’s knowledge and focus on trust fundraising whilst providing the capacity that was lacking within the team.

As a result of working together:

  • 55 applications have been submitted
  • Trust fundraising can be included in the fundraising mix without taking away focus from other areas
  • The foundation and structure exist to be expanded upon annually in order to develop good relationships with donors
  • Important adjustments have been made to fundraising processes and strategy to make fundraising more effective and efficient in the future

The approach was designed with limited capacity in mind and means that trust fundraising can easily be included in the income generation mix in the future.

“It’s been fantastic working with Money Tree Fundraising. We’re a small team and they helped us find fundraising and planning solutions that fit our situation, capacity and goals. We now have a foundation and structure that we can build upon, year-on-year, to develop good relationships with donors. Not only that, but we’re already seeing successful returns on the applications Money Tree Fundraising has helped us submit!”

Daniel Brett-Schneider

Director of Fundraising, Communications and Engagement, Sands

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