Major Donor Kick Start Programme

St Francis Hospice had several major donors, but no dedicated major donor programme. Resources allocated to this area were very limited, with one fundraiser responsible on a part-time basis. Some prospect research had been carried out, with limited follow up. The hospice wished to develop a fully functioning and sustainable major donor programme, with engagement from senior leadership, fundraising team members and trustees.

Money Tree Fundraising reviewed:

  1. Projects requiring funding and visionary ambitions
  2. Donor prospects and individual potential
  3. Organisational commitment and resources
  4. Drafted a strategic case for support

This led Money Tree to work alongside Saint Francis Hospice to deliver:

  • Templates for prioritising donors
  • Individual plans for key donors
  • Training on Major Donor fundraising and Asking for the Fundraising Team and Trustee Board
  • Donor interviews to understand motivations for supporting the hospice
  •  A full report and recommendations for setting up and developing a major donor programme


  • The top major donor became more engaged and offered to work more closely with the fundraising team as a lead donor.
  • The Case for support has identified priority service areas, with outlined need, impact and costs.
  • The trustee board are more engaged, with several willing tr donors and how they would like to be communicated with.
  • We have a prioritised prospect list and improved systems for flagging and managing donors on our database in future.
  • There is a clear major donor strategy now in place.
  • Large donations are now being secured on a regular basis.
  • A Patron’s Circle has been launched to develop mid-level and major donors.
  • Success has led the Executive Team to invest in major donor fundraising, growing the team from one part-time member of staff to three staff.

The Silver Kick Start programme took four months. This was followed by a period of ongoing coaching. We continue to enjoy working with Saint Francis Hospice on this basis.

“Going through the Money Tree Fundraising major donor kick start process has enabled us to better identify prospects, seek out new donor networks, engage our ambassadors, sharpen our proposition and put in places plans and processes to embed major donor fundraising within the organisation.

This has galvanised our staff and trustees, giving us a platform from which we expect to significantly grow our major donor income over the coming years. Our less experienced staff have been fast-tracked and are now actively building relationships with potential major donors and high value donations are starting to be made.”

Jane Frame

Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Saint Francis Hospice

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