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GDPR Compliance Review – Philanthropy and Partnerships Team

Plan International UK had undertaken preparation for GDPR on an organisation-wide basis and the Philanthropic Partnerships Team (PPT) had produced draft guidelines on GDPR compliance. The PPT team was keen to ensure it was meeting its specific regulatory obligations in practice, when approaching existing donors, warm prospects and cold prospects.

Money Tree Fundraising took on board a set of questions that Plan had relating to the practical implementation of GDPR legislation. Money Tree Fundraising reviewed Plan’s GDPR guidance, planned major donor activity, legitimate interest assessments and donor communication.

This was tested against an extensive range of guidance from across the sector, the Institute of Fundraising and the ICO. Money Tree Fundraising interpreted this guidance to provide practical steps for the team to take when researching and communicating with major donors and prospects. Plan was subsequently able to update its guidance and provide practical advice to members of the fundraising team and trustees.

“Within Plan there were a range of views on how fundraisers should interpret GDPR legislation in practice.

Plan now has answers to the questions caused by the subjective nature of GDPR legislation. This included when, where and how to apply legitimate interest.”

Rachel Molho

Philanthropic Partnerships Team Manager

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