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Trust Fundraising Review

Beth at Money Tree Fundraising took the time to understand our unique position, and I was pleased with the level of her expertise and thoughtful responses. Following this, I met with Vicky, our advisor. Vicky was obviously a very intelligent, passionate, and skilled Trusts fundraiser and I was pleased to begin working with Money Tree Fundraising with her as our advisor.

We agreed for Vicky to complete a period of research – evaluating our approach to Trusts, critiquing applications, highlighting Trusts which weren’t on our radar etc. Following this she produced a report and a list of recommendations for increasing our effectiveness in this area of fundraising.

As with all charities, and especially those of our size, our resources are limited. And having just joined the charity, with seven direct line reports, and a wide remit, I wouldn’t have been able to focus the attention on Trusts needed to generate the insight Vicky did. Without Vicky, we also would not have a new list of Trusts to apply to – due to the limited time of our one Trusts fundraiser.

As a result, I have been able to secure further buy-in for investment in Trusts fundraising – which I will be using to keep Vicky on board with active bid writing, research and further upskilling of our team. I also have a full action plan to take forward, in order to optimise our Trusts fundraising. Several of these action points have been implemented immediately, and others will follow shortly.

“Every interaction with Beth, Vicky and Deanna has been great. Having worked with (and for) many fundraising agencies over my 13 years in the sector, I can confidently say that Money Tree Fundraising are among the best.

I have full confidence in our future work together, and I’m really looking forward to seeing this take shape during the next phase of our relationship.”

David Lacey

Head of Fundraising & Communications

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