A capital fundraising project will increase a charity’s assets  such as extensions or new builds. It might also be used to grow an endowment fund.

There will be a fixed timescale for such an appeal and a substantial financial target, running into many millions for large buildings.

It is never “business as usual” fundraising and the money is often needed in addition to the usual requirements of fundraising.

A capital appeal is risky and disruptive. It is a huge investment that can lift any organisation to the next level, when done well.

Prior to getting underway it is vital that sufficient due diligence has been undertaken. Often building work will need to be started prior to all the money being raised, which poses the riskiest of questions – can we be sure we can raise sufficient money to finish?

Watch Money Tree Fundraising CEO, Beth Upton discuss how a Capital Fundraising Appeal could greatly benefit your organisation:

There are donors for whom a capital programme is the perfect project to fund, offering them security, longevity and recognition. A capital fundraising appeal can also be a great springboard to launching a long-term major donor fundraising programme.

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