CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer charity on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer by getting a younger audience acquainted with their boobs.

In 2011 they launched Hello Boobs – asking us to introduce ourselves to our boobs and know their names.


I love Hello Boobs because:

  • Using the most iconic advert of all time (Daily Mail 2011) was inspired!
  • As the campaign had a clear call to action – asking us to check our boobs.
  • CoppaFeel! pioneered 3D augmented-reality billboards with an emerging technology company and used these to get people to sign up to a monthly text message reminder service.
  • With zero spend their 3D boobs-on-billboards got 20,000 people signed up to monthly reminders.
  • And back in the world of fundraising I used that advert to open the door to Wonderbra, who opened the door to Very – both brands with the same target audience.
  • Wonderbra still supports CoppaFeel! today – financially and in-kind.
  • Very supports CoppaFeel! through CRM deals each year and now have CoppaFeel! awareness-raising tags in their bras.

Hello Boobs has evolved since then – this year we are being asked #WhatNormalFeelsLike – but its legacy endures.