With corporate fundraising as competitive as ever and more and more businesses opting for staff engagement rather than fundraising, it is easy to forget that there are hundreds of companies still giving through their own charitable foundations.

The plus for fundraisers is that you do not have to know someone at the company, no stewardship is required and no scary pitch that takes you weeks to prepare, only to come second!

In my experience corporate foundations are a neglected area – I believe this is because it often falls between two stools; the corporate fundraiser, who neglects it because it requires an application, and the trusts fundraiser, who doesn’t have it on their radar as corporate is not their area.

At Money Tree Fundraising we are committed to saving charities time and effort; the quicker we can help you get on the right track, the more effective your fundraising will be. To hopefully save you some research time we have compiled a list of 10 accessible corporate foundations that you may not have heard of:


  1. Lush Charity Pot – campaigning charities under £250k turnover – environment, animal protection and human rights
  2. Linden Homes – initiatives near to company offices – community and environment
  3. Checkatrade – via staff fundraising near offices – local, national and international charities
  4. Persimmon Homes – 30 regional offices giving £2,000 per month – matching local community charity fundraising
  5. Thomas Cook Children’s Charity – nomination by staff or customers
  6. Allen & Overy Foundation (London) – average £5,000 grants – London community projects focusing on issues of justice, education, employment and training
  7. CHK Charities Limited – preference given to National or West Midlands charities – range of causes
  8. Melton Mowbray Building Society Charitable Foundation – organisations within a 15 mile radius of each of the Building Society’s branch offices – support local charitable and community activity.
  9. Trusthouse Charitable Foundation – give grants to charities who address local issues in areas of extreme urban deprivation, or in remote and fragile rural communities.
  10. Tipton & Coseley Building Society – twice-yearly grants to health and education charities based in the West Midlands.

Happy fundraising!

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