Andy Bond
Associate Fundraiser

Andy has worked as a professional fundraising consultant for charities and non-profit organisations. He is a specialist in UK community-based work, sports projects, and international development charities. Through strong communication with colleagues, he produces clear, compelling, and accurate funding applications. He is experienced at presenting ideas and proposals to different audiences, across multiple formats and in various topics. Problem-solving skills are extremely important in developing projects which meet funders criteria whilst still fulfilling core goals of charity, developing a project to a budget, and addressing needs of beneficiaries. Andy is good at working with and building positive relationships with different people, including colleagues and clients across a range of working and social environments. He excels at managing bidding and reporting processes for various projects in dynamic charity environments requires high levels of planning and organisational skills. Effective time management is especially important when working remotely to tight deadlines. Andy is strong at multi-tasking (including working on behalf of different organisations working themselves in different fields) and maintaining a high level of performance.

Fundraising Superpower

x-ray attention to detail

Favourite tree

The Money Tree!