Assess the Probability and Arrange the plan together with our Capital Fundraising Kick Start

At Money Tree Fundraising we know capital fundraising; over 10+ years we have worked with dozens of organisations keen to raise money for capital purposes in order to expand the life-changing work they do. We assessed their plans against key criteria for success so that they could plan for a successful outcome and invest in their appeal with confidence:

In partnership with you, our tried and tested approach will take you through the six stages essential for assessing the probability your appeal will be successful and then arranging that success with a plan based on our thorough research and experience.

  1. Review – we assess where you’ve come from, what you’ve done, what has worked (or not) and what you’ve got. We need to assess your senior staff, trustees, patrons etc. for their fundraising readiness and networks.
  2. Propose – we package your capital project into a proposal that works for donors, with a clear budget, ensuring that you can measure success against pre-set objectives. We ensure that you have the supporting documentation, processes and procedures that donors will need to see. We will develop a sample gift pyramid.
  3. Research – we will search for major gift donors – individuals, trusts and companies – who set out to support the work that you do.
  4. Test – we speak to potential supporters to test the proposal and the financial assumptions we’ve made so far. We are not asking them for a donation at this point but the responses we gather here are strong indicators for future support.
  5. Assess – we take the results of the research, the interviews and the review work and assess the probability that you can raise the money you need. We will present our findings to you, your SMT or Trustee Board. We include the impact this activity will have on your revenue fundraising.
  6. Plan – we make recommendations for your appeal. This includes an outline plan to achieve success, an outline budget for the costs of raising the money, the resources required to deliver the target and an estimate of the time required to be successful.

At the end of the Kick Start programme you will have an objective view of your readiness to launch a capital fundraising appeal, what steps you may need to take to get yourself closer to ready and what it will take to be successful in raising your target sum. You will have a prospect list, donor-tested proposal and key messages to use for the appeal, an outline plan for delivery of the target and a list of potential donors, some of whom will have already begun their engagement with you and the appeal.


You will be ready to launch the appeal’s private phase.

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