Our team of Fundraising Consultants and Associates have enormous hands on experience between them. Our ongoing work with charities means that we are in tune with the current fundraising climate and the needs of charities. Our specialist area of high value means that we have the latest insights into fundraising from trusts, companies and major donors.

We offer open training, in-house training and conference speaking:

Open Training

We run workshops on major donor fundraising for charities exploring or developing this increasingly important area of work. This workshop is a practical guide, providing tips on how to embed this high return income stream into your organisation. You can now book online for our next full day major donor workshop on March 5th 2019.

Outline Workshop Content:

  • Defining major donors
  • Models of major donor fundraising
  • Major donor theory
  • Managing expectations
  • Organisational readiness
  • How to find major donors
  • Defining your cause for major donors
  • Account managing donors
  • Making the all important Ask

In-House Training

We can provide training for fundraisers and senior staff or trustees on major donor fundraising, capital fundraising, trust fundraising, fundraising strategy, making the ask and building rapport with donors. These are usually run on a half day or full day basis, but can also be tagged onto strategy days and Board meetings. Please contact us for details and prices for any of these options.

Conference Speaking

For regional and national fundraising conferences and meetings we can present or run workshops on fundraising strategy, diversifying income, major donor fundraising, capital fundraising, trust fundraising and developing cases for support. This year we will be running workshops and presenting at:

  • IoF Fundraising Convention
  • IoF Scotland Conference
  • IoF South West Conference
  • IoF Yorkshire Conference
  • IoF East Midlands Conference
  • IoF West Midlands Major Donor Fundraising Conference
  • IoF Regional Groups
  • DSC Fundraising Fair
  • National Association of Hospice Fundraisers Conference
  • London Funders Conference
  • Our Bright Futures Conference

Feedback on our Training

Extremely interesting and thought provoking”
“The course is a brilliant introduction to major donor fundraising providing lots insight and practical ideas and resources to plan an effective major donor strategy.”
“Useful as a starting point for addressing the major donor challenges”
“Incredible value for money – the content and delivery of the course was exceptional.”
“Vital tool for anyone embarking or indeed already doing Major Donor fundraising.”
“The workshop was not only informative, it was fun and inspirational. Everything that Mike had to say was relevant and although he covered a lot of areas he somehow still managed to keep it engaging.”
“Very professional.”
“Very interesting and engaging.”
“I have been to quite a lot of conferences and I thought that your presentation was one of the best that I have been to. Well structured, practical and really gave me confidence to give it a go.”
“Great tips on how to get started and get over fear or negative attitude (we don’t have access to major donor, our cause is not attractive enough, etc.)”
“The presenter was articulate and highly motivated.”

For more information about how we can help you with your specific requirements, please call us on 07940 570251 or contact us here