Fundraising can be a lonely job, particularly if you are the head of your fundraising team, a fundraising CEO or a major donor fundraiser. Engaging an experienced fundraising consultant on a monthly basis can keep you and your fundraising on track, to ensure you maximise your time and resources.

We offer an allocated number of hours per month, open to an agreed group of staff, delivered remotely wherever possible. It may be necessary to travel to meet staff to practice real-life donor scenarios, in which case we will endeavour to make the best use of this time and meet as many staff and stakeholders as possible on a single day.

Coaching will cover emerging areas in need of support. For example:

  • Critique of future cases for support and donor proposals
  • Sample scripts for donor meetings
  • Stewardship planning alongside the team
  • Preparation for meeting donors
  • Training and coaching in a number of topics, including:
    o Calling donors to secure meetings
    o Confidence building
    o Building rapport with donors
    o Leading donor conversations
    o Making the Ask

Often, our mentoring follows a period of consultancy, but you do not need to have worked with us before to make the most of a mentoring arrangement. Please contact us if you think regular mentoring would be of benefit to you, your team and your charity.