Capital Fundraising

For Capital Fundraising Campaigns we recommend a Feasibility and Planning stage initially.

A feasibility and planning study has both quantitative and qualitative evaluation sections. These focus on the four key criteria, essential for any successful capital campaign; the Case for Support, the Sources of Support, Voluntary Leadership and Internal Readiness (skills, capacity and infrastructure).

We follow a two-stage process:

Stage 1: Internal interviews with key individuals to fully understand the project, develop the test case for support and test table of gifts (how much funding is required and at what levels) and prepare the fundraising research brief. The assessment of internal readiness is also conducted during this stage.

Stage 2: External interviews with stakeholders and potential funders, alongside desk and on-line research into potential sources of funds.

The evidence gathered in Stages 1 & 2 is then analysed and we will produce a report for you, including:

1. an assessment of what the campaign could raise and at what levels;
2. constituencies and sources of potential support;
3. an appropriate time-scale;
4. an outline strategy and provisional campaign plan
5. a recommended management and governance structure;
6. a recommended budget;
7. profiles of potential supporters and volunteers;
8. advice on the resources required.

This work usually takes 2-3 months.

Delivery Stage

Based on the assumption that there are sufficient potential sources of funding for the project Money Tree will follow a planned approach to raising the funds required. We will work with you to draft a solid fundraising strategy, timetable and budget. We can provide an indicative timetable on request.


We would expect to report on a monthly basis. This can be in the form of weekly activity logs, budget forecasts, presentations and donor stewardship plans.


Costs depend on the size of your capital campaign. We will provide a detailed quote outlining the breakdown of our team’s specialist skills, which include:

Project management
Major donor development
Prospect research
Events management
Trusts fundraising
Corporate fundraising

We offer a 10% discount on any contract lasting 30 days or more.

We’d really like to hear from you about your capital fundraising needs to see if we can help you. Please email us at:

Thank you