Lacking Leadership Engagement in your Fundraising?

This is sadly the case for many charitable organisations, resulting in limited or misguided investment in fundraising, perpetuating a wariness of fundraising when results are not as expected.

It can also mean that support from other departments is limited, as the standard for internal communication comes from the top. If Directors aren’t talking to each other and non-Fundraising senior staff do not understand the importance of fundraising, then your potential to succeed will be severely hampered.

Remember what your donor gave you money for!

We often speak to donors introduced to us by charities we work with. We suggest this as a great way to get honest insight into what their donors think of their cause, their communications, their way of asking for money, their point of contact at the charity, funding...

Why GDPR is good for your major donor fundraising

As consultants in high value fundraising, we are often being asked how GDPR will affect major donor fundraising. The question is also being asked, including in a recent edition of Fundraising magazine, whether this is the end of major donor fundraising all together....

What’s wrong with the 7 steps of major donor fundraising?

The 7 steps of major donor fundraising make a lot of sense – but they operate in a vacuum – in essence they do not give you anything to fix or improve. What are the 3 key areas that you need to be strong in to have a successful major donor programme and what are the key questions you need to ask yourself?